Bonuses in the popular game Wolf Gold

The game Wolf Gold – Another great variation on the game for anyone who likes to play for fun. She will conquer the players from the first minute. Interesting design, great music, a collection of beautiful animals on their screen will plunge everyone into a world of magic. And the presence of a large number of bonuses on each round will conquer the heart without rest. The game was developed by the best professionals in the business. All the mistakes of past games, here tried to eliminate. Registration is very fast, to find all the information is also not difficult. Provide a platform for the game a lot of online casinos. This shows the popularity and importance of Wolf Gold in the online casino. We rather offer to join a huge number of users and start your exciting journey into the world of steppe animals.

What bonuses await the players. It all depends on the symbol that at some time will fall on your screen. Special character is represented here in the form of a wolf. Beautiful forest animal with his views shows that he is the main here. If you see his image – it is a guaranteed bonus payout. And their appearance in a greater number, gives the opportunity to win the jackpot. Advised to make friends with wolves, these guys will bring not a little money to their friends. Scatter symbol give a number of free spins. Thanks to this feature will increase the initial bet. This increase can be from two to a hundred times. The appearance of a huge image of a wolf gives the chance to really win many times over your expectations. Once again, there are enough bonuses in this game. There are a lot of them, they appear quite often. Wins with ease in the game Wolf Gold.

The player in the Wolf Gold slot is waiting for amazing adventures. The theme of the game is based on a visit to the wild world of animals. Wild animals will be from the very beginning of the gameplay, they will tell you where to go and help you win decent winnings. You will not see any aggression from them at all. These funny little faces only bring positive emotions. And music will further set the mood for a positive game. In each round will be heard howling and howling different representatives of the world of wild animals. Do not be afraid of them, just enjoy the sounds. Get a feel for the life of beautiful individuals. Unusual design of the slot and the music, give a full relaxation. This is the best part of the whole game. Earn quickly and with no distractions at all, do not worry about the complexity of the rounds and without difficulty. Here it is a clear execution of this game.

Control of the slot is very simple. What to get to the paytable is to press only one button information. Then you will see a list of all of the taking part in the game symbols and their individual coefficients will be attached. Thus you can immediately calculate how much can be earned on a roll of one or another symbol. What can be seen. Icons with animals such as a horse, lioness, bull, various signs of playing cards and of course other icons. Familiarized more closely with all the symbols, you can start playing immediately. In the process it will be possible to understand on the course of how to behave, how much to bet and what strategy to follow.

Special characters, this is the image that when it appears will give one of the biggest chances to get more bonuses. Here it is a portrait of a wolf at sunrise. Seeing this picture, you know – you have already received a big bonus. Scatter symbol, which falls with a certain frequency, also helps to get free scrolling. And they in turn give more fallout different icons, the more they are on the screen, the more moments to win real cash prizes, which in turn bring the appearance of many bonuses.

Betting game simulator is very diverse. Inexperienced players can easily sort them out and pick the option that will suit him best. You have the opportunity to put one to ten coins per round. With all this value of each coin can be selected immediately before the game. Thus it’s easy to think and analyze your chances at the moment and not to do something stupid. The game has twenty-five always active lines, you do not need to do anything to activate them. This happens automatically and every time you play. This feature is very useful for most players, no unnecessary actions. Just the game itself and that’s all. Started the drums, all your task is over. Then watch and calculate the cash bonus.

This slot will appeal to a huge number of gamblers and just like gambling. Do you like a guaranteed jackpot, then it’s up to us. This prize increases depending on the size of your bet. That is, the higher it is, the more interesting bonus you get at the end. Do not miss the opportunity to plunge into the world of bright colors, feel at the same wave with nature. Just forget for a while, and with all that get a great opportunity to make good money. Agree, a great pastime.