How to play Wolf Gold

Among the many gambling games in our country firmly taken its position slot machines. Among so many it is difficult to sort out which one is better than all the others. We present you the game Wolf Gold, which has proved itself in this set. Thanks to its ease of use, great rates and good withdrawal. Its functionality is worthy of separate praise, the developers have tried so hard to make it understandable to all that there is no doubt that it can be used even by the most unadvanced players. And when you study it, you can adequately learn to play and make great money. This is the most important advantage of other games! That’s because of him the game won first place among the players. The slot machine really gives any user a chance to win a real prize, or rather a cash reward in an excellent amount.

Dig into the difficult features do not need, mastering the game quickly enough. Play Wolf Gold is easy. Here are the basic rules of the most popular slots. The developers are very popular among all gamers in the world.

So how do you play Wolf Gold, what would it take to win the jackpot. Each round is a spin on a reel. In this game there are five of them. After scrolling they stop at a certain point and they are fixed with different symbols. Each symbol has a certain meaning, which is unique to him. They differ in their purpose and functions, which affect the final winnings. After scrolling the reels will stop in front of the player will appear a composition of any symbols that have fallen out in their order. The combination is evaluated by the game and the amount you earned appears. There can be any number of such winning layouts. Lines from which to gather the whole layout in this machine twenty-five. The more identical characters are on the same line, the more the winnings are assigned to the player. Here is a great opportunity to choose the number of lines, which in your opinion will be a good move. Recall you can choose from one to twenty-five lines. True, the more you took them, the higher the bet will have to pay. But a greater number, and gives a higher probability to pull off a great score. The game teaches you to correctly and judiciously put your bets and refers to the money is very demanding. Agree – this is a necessary ability for every fan of gambling. The process of increasing the bet can be multiplied by hundreds or thousands of times. The payout ratio of the game is very, very high. This property and she brought a huge popularity. All appearing symbols, from the simplest to the most important, add to the piggy bank accruals. That adds up to a nice winnings. Which can not fail to please. Download and play Wolf Gold is simple, quiet and not expensive. If you want to get acquainted with gambling, be sure to start your acquaintance with this game. All you need is a desire to play and win.

As for the theme of the game. What is it?

Play in the most beautiful place on earth. Plains and forests all over the place. Wild animals, which is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. They’ve all come here to give you a chance to make a great living. The appearance of each of them means a bonus and an increase in your bet. So it is very pleasant to play with animals. Slot is dedicated to the master of the forest and steppes – the wolf. The noble, cunning, clever representative of his kind, just his appearance means that now will be the maximum winnings of all. It is he who is an important feature in this game. It must be said that the graphics are excellent for the eye. All traced with such clarity that it is impossible to take your eyes off. The colors chosen are nice, not annoying. Sandy in the background, green valleys and nice colored animals. This is the winning point of the game. Add to all this an excellent soundtrack. The screams of the forest dwellers, the noise of the rivers and fields. Blissfully lays on your ears. You are immersed in a peaceful atmosphere, all disposed to have a great time. And when there is no reason to be nervous and worried, the mood for a great cash prize is high.

All elements of the slot work with each other in unison and allow players to feel like a fish in water. Understand the whole point and quickly understand it. Quick decision making, increasing bets and adding bonuses, all will eventually lead to a hundred percent victory.

Wolf Gold has a lot of things that make the gameplay simple, clear and accessible. The number of lines up to twenty-five does not scare away, but on the contrary attracts, because it is a greater chance of falling out the right and money symbols.

What are the symbols you need to know?

The main Wolf symbol appears with great frequency on the first, third and fifth reel. If three of these symbols fall out at once, the player wins an amount equal to your bet and an even bigger variant. Plus, it will be possible to play a bonus round. In this position, you get five free spins and you can trigger three more scrolls. The number of re-spins is not limited.

During the free re-spins, the middle reels turn into one huge symbol that plays as if the same pattern appeared on them all at once. All wins will consist of four or five icons, and this allows for larger payouts.

The cash bonus is triggered when six or more of the larger symbols appear. All of these pictures are fixed in place and the rest of the reels continue spinning over and over again. During the spin, only the right and money symbols fall on each reel, of course, empty squares are also caught. Each player has three spins, they are reset every time an icon that brings real money appears. You can play Wolf Gold until you fill up all the reels or until the scrolls are over. Then the payout is the amount rolled on all the money spots, they all add up to a single prize. If you manage to fill all the squares and all the lines, there is a huge chance to win the maximum winnings.

Betting amounts are adjusted by the player, it should take into account how many lines you have chosen. What they are and what you want to see at the end of the game time. Play easy because the rate can be very minimal and not at all noticeable to the player. From twenty-five cents and more. Everyone can choose a suitable bet for themselves, so to speak, to assess the situation according to their wallet. A great feature for a game of this type.

How to play Wolf Gold?

First you need to decide in what casino you will play this game. In this will help recommendations, good reviews from other players. It is better to read them not one or two. A thorough approach to this point. After all, do not forget. Playing and winning is one thing. But the important thing is to withdraw to your personal account, all that you were able to earn.

And in this game, you can earn for sure!

Then you have to go through simple registration, enter the correct data, put the money into your personal account and that’s all. A couple of minutes of your time, and you are already in the world of wildlife, surrounded by animals. And all this brings only good mood and a good income.

Play and win in the company of huge and strong wolves.