Wolf Gold download APK

Welcome to the world of online gaming. The following is a presentation of Wolf Gold slot how you can download the game install it using apk.

Wolf Gold download APK

There are five reels with different symbols waiting for you in the slot. Here they are all in the form of drawn wild animals. Below we will describe them in detail. At one time on the screen may appear fifteen pictures, which will line up in three rows.

Play given the opportunity to the twenty-five active lines. They are all automatically updated. This system does not require the player any additional action to activate them. On each line can bet, they range from the very smallest to the maximum. In Wolf Gold slot bets in price terms are from twenty-five cents and go up to a hundred and twenty-five dollars. Agree a great spread, which allows each participant to think about their bet and decide how much and where to put his personal decision. At any time you can think about your next move, to find a more favorable position, and with confidence by a hundred percent to make the right maneuver. This is a great advantage of this slot machine. It is easy to start with the minimum and go up in a short time to the maximum winnings and large payments. Participants download the game in any available resource, with incredible speed install it on the desired media and that’s all. No additional actions should not be performed. For devices with other programs that can not support the platform installation of the game there are special designed specifically for these purposes to help topics that are called apk. They are all available on the Internet, quickly and clearly put in your phone or tablet. After that you are in access to a great game.

Once again, we want to note the availability and speed of downloading and installing Wolf Gold is absolutely on all available to everyone mobile devices.

In addition to familiar and common characters that players are already accustomed to in the game are available and special elements. The point of them bring variety to the slot and bring a lot more winning bonuses. With the help of them in accessing prize payouts. Standard pictures make up the winning chains in a clear pattern from left to right on the working lines, they appear and are updated automatically. All these sequences are formed from three, four or five of the same symbol. Happens in real time and in a chaotic order does not depend on the player. In each round of triumphant fallout can form a few at once, in different places. But from each position the game takes into account only the most valuable and money. That is, the payout is made up of the multiplication of the bet on all lines by the coefficient that is fixed for the fallen symbol. These specific values start from five and go all the way up to a thousand. It turns out the winnings at the end of falling pictures in the best game at once can increase by a thousand times. Nice extra bonus to what is already on the account. The player immediately withdraws all funds to his balance and continue the game as desired, or withdraw them in real money.

In a slot machine in front of you eight different pictures, four of them – a letter designating the card denomination and four images of animals. These are a bison, a cougar, a feral horse and a huge eagle. Why animals? Developer decided to use this theme, considering it very relevant to this type of slot machine. Never before has this theme was not touched in the games of this format. And download and play the slot, where there will be beautiful animals, hearing the sounds of nature – this is an interesting way of filing.

In addition to the standard images use three special images, their fallout immediately guarantee a nice bonus and winnings.

This is a wolf – he is on all the reels, located in an upright position. He can often occupy all the columns and even fill the screen. If necessary, the symbol of the wolf replaces other simple icons in the prize strings, while creating the desired line. When a player sees this animal on his monitor, you can immediately count on a pleasant outcome of the game.

Next, the symbol of sunset – it does not appear in all columns, but in its specific places. Sunset can be found in the first, third and fifth columns (drums). If these elements appear next to each other at the same time the player receives a payout equal to his bet. And the last special symbol is the moon. Its appearance occurs in strips on the reels. It helps to earn bonus payments and even achieve the jackpot.

Download Wolf Gold start earning right now!

In the slot there is a prize feature free spins. This takes place with casino money. The bet will be the one you have chosen from the beginning of the game. What we see on the screen. The three center reels are combined into one, that is, the player sees a huge playing field of nine cells. Scrolling goes as many times as you get to win with bonuses.

All these advantages remain and are absolutely available when you download Wolf Gold slot using apk system. There are no restrictions.

The appearance of all the images for a reason, they are all monetized. Each icon carries different amounts. On top of that, you can see the jackpot amounts that are assumed in future winnings. Launches the entire line at the moment when the screen will appear at least six pictures with the image of the bonus. Anything that carries a prize value will remain in its place from that point on, and the other symbols will be swapped for new ones. The result is an opportunity to get more winnings from one game. Once the game ends, the bonus icons will add up to one player’s winnings. And of course it is this winnings that the winner will take. Try to take all fifteen positions, get a chance to win the mega jackpot.

When using apk installations, all bonus privileges remain. Nothing changes. Everything is designed for absolutely any device.

The advantages of the game Wolf Gold in its quality, accessibility and ease of download.

The slot is well established among online games. No complaints from the players for the entire time of its existence has not been received. A huge number of positive reviews speaks for itself. Payouts are honest and timely. This is a great extra incentive to download this product.

For players novyachkov recommend to start playing with small bets, so you can long enough to keep the balance in the active phase, and moreover to increase it in a high number of times.

The slot machine is designed to work in mobile devices. Easy to run the slot on tablets and androids, well, where to go without smartphones. Look for available apk, download the game. No rules will not change. The same terms for all users, no matter what the place and the device did not go. The maximum you should get used to, is the change in format playback itself. It depends on the specifics of the screen used by the device.

Wolf Gold game has a solid collection of interesting and very profitable features. Jokers, bonuses, payouts – all these qualities make it fascinating among the huge number of competitors. Add to all this design, sound and you get a great product at the output of an excellent level.